Halter Cold Shoulder Sweater Tops

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Introducing the Halter Cold Shoulder Sweater Tops – a fashion-forward fusion of sophistication and contemporary allure. The halter neckline, a defining feature of these tops, brings a touch of elegance by framing the shoulders with a graceful silhouette. Complementing this chic design, the cold shoulder detail adds a modern and playful twist, providing a perfect balance between classic style and contemporary flair.

What sets these sweater tops apart is the distinctive asymmetric wrap-around button details. Strategically placed, these buttons not only serve as functional elements but also elevate the overall aesthetic, adding a unique and eye-catching dimension to the design. The asymmetry brings a touch of artistry to the tops, allowing for customizable styling and creating an effortlessly chic look that stands out in any setting.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Halter Cold Shoulder Sweater Tops offer a blend of comfort and on-trend style. The halter neck design ensures a flattering fit, while the cold shoulder cutouts provide an alluring touch. The asymmetric button details, strategically placed along the wrap-around design, infuse an element of modern sophistication. Elevate your wardrobe with these versatile sweater tops that effortlessly transition from casual outings to more elevated occasions, making a bold statement with each wear.

Size Weight (lbs) Bust (in) Shoulder (in) Length (in) Sleeve (in)
S 88 – 99 28.35 (Elastic) 12.20 14.57 18.11
M 104.72 – 115.74 29.13 (Elastic) 12.60 14.96 18.50
L 121.25 – 132.28 29.92 (Elastic) 12.99 15.35 18.90

4 reviews for Halter Cold Shoulder Sweater Tops

  1. Willow (verified owner)

    Wearing this off-shoulder sweater feels like a breath of fresh air, with its lightweight fabric and effortless charm.

  2. Julia (verified owner)

    Make heads turn with this effortlessly chic and timeless knit.

  3. Lyra (verified owner)

    Fantastic purchase! Can’t recommend it enough!

  4. Marlowe (verified owner)

    So glad I discovered this gem.

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